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The Atomik Manifesto

At Atomik AM we are passionate about re-shaping the world of advanced manufacturing. But we cannot change the world without changing the way we think.  As an advocate of responsible manufacturing, we approach our work with a uniquely non-conformist mindset.  

We see a world where conventional manufacturing doesn’t always think about materials before designing products – accumulating waste throughout the process and producing sub-standard parts. Putting materials first allows us to make sustainable choices. It’s a conscious commitment to reducing cost, waste and adverse social impact. 

For us, it’s not enough that every product is designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards. If we are to truly care about the impact we have on society, we must always do the right things, for the right reasons, in the right way. 

Yes, our solution-focused ethos, cutting-edge chemistry and solutions-based engineering combine to help us fulfil the business ambitions of manufacturers.  

Atomik AM heralds a new model for manufacturing businesses. Firstly, our solution-focused approach helps us to push beyond the analysis of problems to provide more holistic manufacturing solutions. Secondly, our model shows how profit for shareholders does not have to be the only measure of success. Demonstrating how a business can be sustainable, socially-conscious, treat people with respect and still add significant value. 

In our efforts to effect positive change, we believe that our actions will define us as a business, as a brand and as individuals. 

At the heart of our quest to become leaders in materials, research and advanced manufacturing, is a commitment to behave as socially responsibly as possible: consciously doing good for industry, society and the planet that we share. With that mindset, we can allow innovation to flourish and provide the world with sustainable manufacturing solutions that will allow us to thrive as a species and create healthier, happier societies. 

That is what sets Atomik AM apart. 

Join the revolution.