Agile manufacturing for a sustainable future

Changing the way we think.

Re-shaping the world of advanced manufacturing.

At Atomik AM we are passionate about re-shaping the world of advanced manufacturing. But we cannot change the world without changing the way we think.

As an advocate of responsible manufacturing, we approach our work with a unique non-conformist mindset.

Atomik AM heralds a new model for manufacturing businesses. Our solution-focused ethos, cutting-edge chemistry and solutions-based engineering combine to help us fulfil the business needs and ambitions of manufacturers.

Putting materials first allows us to make sustainable choices. It’s a conscious commitment to reducing cost, waste and adverse social impact.

We offer:

  1. Customer Innovation Projects (CIPs).
  2. Licences to our cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies.
  3. Advanced manufacturing consultancy and training in Solution Focused Manufacturing approaches.

1st Floor, Block D The Waterhouse Building, 3 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, England, L69 3GL

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